What It Means To Meditate.

I have always wondered what it means to mediate. My oldest perception of the concept had me thinking of saints and sages who went into deep forests or mountains, far away from civilisation… Continue reading


  Sketch | July 2012 Digital completion | October 2013

‘The Queen of Hearts’ & Tara-cat

I am back to my sketch pad after well over a year. Working on completing older works and I have started a new one as well. I have been away from home for… Continue reading

The Pigster: Today Has Been A Grease Fest!

The evening began with tragedy with the news that The Chocolate Wheel is no more (it was one of the really old bakeries in Delhi). Rinkie Poo then dragged me to Steakhouse, I… Continue reading

When It Rains It Pours

  Mussoorie | July 2012

Drunk Little Spider

Mussoorie | July 2012

Singing With/To The Bird

“We were walking from Chaar Dukaan to Sister’s Bazaar. Heard a whistle. I thought it was a person, after a few whistles I whistled back. So after a few hours of occasional whistles… Continue reading

Sugar Lips

The sibling got herself some charcoal pencils and I used them. Now she won’t let me sharpen them *sigh*

The Weekend Starts Early

I really like my job. 🙂 I get to listen to good music and meet and work with awesome people . So I happened to hear Gowri’s music courtesy work. She is playing… Continue reading